Top 10 #fromwhereirun

So here’s a little list of ten places I love to run.

Where I’ve run the route within the last 3 years I’ve included a strava map for good measure, where I haven’t you just get a picture and my description.

My list has runs from Europe and Asia – the two places I’ve lived and travelled most often.

Add your own in the comments, let me know if you agree or disagree with mine.

I suppose the list is more or less in order of fondness, but I love all these runs.

10. Home Run, Dinas Powys, Vale of Glamorgan, Wales.

I lived here from age 11 to 18. My formulative running years. This route hasn’t really changed since the 1980’s, other than my old school has been flattened and now it’s just a building site awaiting development. You get some suburbia, some country lanes, views of the Bristol Channel and an opportunity to run past Gavin’s parents house from Gavin and Stacey. Usually one of the first things I do when I visit the parents is get out and hit this 8km loop of the village to acclimatise.

Screen Shot 2017-11-18 at 5.10.43 PM.png

9. Laajalahti Nature Reserve, Helsinki, Finland

I havent run here since 2009, but for 18 months before that this was a regular route for me – whilst working with Nokia who’s HQ is just up the road. In summer it’s stunning, in Winter, it’s freezing and stunning. First of many ‘runs next to water’ on this list. Quick Laajalahti fact : The Hilton Kalastorpa on the waterfront here was the venue for Cold War summits between US and Russia in the 80’s.

8. Emberton to Filgrave, Buckinghamshire, UK

On an English early summer’s evening, when the light is long and the sky is blue, this is a wonderful place to run. quiet lanes and footpaths in the flatlands of southern england, where the sky goes on for miles….’

7. Imperial Palace Loop, Tokyo, Japan

One of the few places in Tokyo where you can run for 5km without stopping for traffic. Steeped in history, the palace always on your inside, the cityscape of tokyo on your outside.

Screen Shot 2017-11-18 at 5.28.04 PM

6. Macritchie Nature Reserve, Singapore

If Singapore is ‘Asia for beginners’ then Macritchie is ‘Trail running for beginners’. The classic 10k loop of the reservoir is just long enough to make you work and short enough that it won’t kill you. 100plus and Iced Milo at the mushroom cafe always goes down a treat.

Screen Shot 2017-11-18 at 5.31.12 PM

5. Westminster Bridge to Tower Bridge loop, London

The classic tourist waterside run in London. History everywhere you look and a much improved path on the southside make this a must do. Can get busy of course, but early in the morning you’ll have plenty of room to run.

Screen Shot 2017-11-18 at 5.33.00 PM

4. Marina Bay, Singapore

As much as the races around here drive me insane, I do love to run here. More views to die for, water, otters and little blasts of aircon when the doors open at Marina Bay Sands. As my current ‘home run’ this ain’t too shabby.

Screen Shot 2017-11-18 at 5.41.57 PM

3. Lugard Road, Hong Kong

After a lung busting climb from Central (up Old Peak Road through the mid levels) you are rewarded with a lovely loop of the peak, with stunning views of Kowloon and Hong Kong harbour at every turn. Lots more epic running to be had in Hong Kong of course, but this little city gem is a must for any visit.

2. Cardiff Bay, Cardiff, Wales

When I lived in Wales, this was a half run down, semi working port. I don’t think I ever came here once in 10 years of living 5 miles away. Now it’s been regenerated and it’s an awesome place to run. Bristol Channel, Penarth, The Millenium Stadium and the Valleys in the distance. A bit of all things Welsh distilled into a nice 10k.

  1. Sydney, Australia

Comfortably my favorite place in the world to run. It’s just stunning. East and west of the bridge, over the bridge,  double bay and my favorite place in the entire world : Rushcutters Bay. Unfortunately the Botanic Gardens section is only open 9-5 so I don’t often get to join the full harbourside runs together, but it’s still just the most amazing place to run.

Screen Shot 2017-11-18 at 6.32.53 PM.png

So many other candidates, Auckland was close, Wellington was close, Budapest was close, AirCon Road at Old Upper Thomson nearly made it. No room for Pen Y Fan, Snowdon, Lantau Peak or anything in the Peak or Lake District.

But these 10 represent regular haunt favorites – places I visit(ed) frequently, when ever I’m there, I’ll run one these routes.



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