2019 : A collectors special


Perhaps I’ve always been a collector, but now I’m properly old and living back in the land of hobbies and collections (and no longer in the land of shopping and eating), I feel I need to brush up my collector game.


In 2018 I finally completed my 100th parkrun – which took an embarrassing 8 years and an eventual return to 0900 starts after 6 years of 0730 in Singapore. 250 next then, but that’s 3 years of 100% attendance, so I need something more immediate.

Luckily and also belatedly (a bit like my 100) , I discovered the very awesome Running Challenges and their super cool chrome plugin, courtesy of the Free Weekly Timed parkrun podcast (which is also awesome BTW).

Screenshot (57).png

Now I have a shit load of new stuff to collect  – and a new performance target to get my all time average parkrun time down below 20 minutes (two 40+ min parkruns with Molly have made this more tricky than it should be) ! So a plan is hatched !

first target is the Tourist Achievement, I can do this one with these 5 parkruns, all within about 20 mins of home.

  • Fulham Palace
  • Brooklands
  • Bedfont Lakes
  • Wimbledon Common
  • Gunnersbury

Apparently I only have to do a parkrun beginning with ‘S’ to complete the compass challenge, I have 50/60 on stopwatch bingo and 10/25 on the alphabet challenge, so this should keep me amused all year.

On a more practical note I’m going to work my way around South/West London’s 30 or so parkruns – not sure this really counts as tourism, but it keeps me out of trouble on a saturday morning.

pale ale

On a sort of related note, being back in the land of decent beer, I’ve found a load of locally breweries doing really nice pale ale. After a bit of research I’ve worked out there are even more london pale ale brewers than parkruns. (current favourite below).

Image result for gipsy hill brewery

So smashing these two things together, my 2019 goals are

  • to run all the parkruns in south/west london
  • to drink a pale ale from every micro brewer sarf of the river

Whilst I’m at it I have a few other plans

and there’s silverware to win with Handsome Rob in Jersey

Double Top Ultra

2019, ‘ave it!



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